Dear Sirs!

We`d like to introduce our company. And this website helps you to get an idea about our company, its capabilities and product range. LLC PKF South-Eastern Project is a continuously developing company. The main activities of our company are refractory products and related materials.

The partners of our company are metallurgical, mining, machine-building plants and power generating companies such as LLC Pobuzke Ferronickel Plant, Kremenchuk Steel Works Stockholding Company, LLC Elektrostal, PrJSC Dneprospetsstal, DTEK company.

LLC PCF South-Eastern Project is an authorized dealer of company GIR Investment Resources, which includes the following enterprises PJSC Krasnogorovka Refractory Plant", PJSC "Krasnoarmeisk Silica Brick Plant", Ltd.Druzhkovsky Refractory Plant, PJSC Velikoanadolskiy Refractory combine. We have a wide range of refractories, representing the products of all plants mentioned above. This range includes different brands of fireclay brick, magnesite and chrome-magnesite products, Silika and Elektric-silika brick, steel-teeming supplies, as well as milled and unshaped refractory materials: mortars, refractory clays, powders and fillers. The goods are delivered from warehouse in Sinelnikovo, a town in Dnepropetrovsk region, and directly from the factory by trucks and wagon loads. It is also possible to arrange delivery of refractory products to the Buyers warehouse.

We`d like to pay your attention that the essential quality of our success is responsive approach and know each of our customers.

We highly appreciate our partners, suppliers and consumers. We hope that the information available on the website will be useful for you and promote the establishing long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.